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Williams Katie M., Verhoeven Virginie J M., Cumberland Phillippa, Bertelsen Geir, Wolfram Christian, Buitendijk Gabri{\"{e}}lle H S., Hofman Albert, {van Duijn} Cornelia M., Vingerling Johannes R., Kuijpers Robert W A M., H{\"{o}}hn Ren{\'{e}}, Mirshahi Alireza, Khawaja Anthony P., Luben Robert N., Erke Maja Gran, {von Hanno} Therese, Mahroo Omar, Hogg Ruth, Gieger Christian, Cougnard-Gr{\'{e}}goire Audrey, Anastasopoulos Eleftherios, Bron Alain, Dartigues Jean-Fran{\c{c}}ois, Korobelnik Jean-Fran{\c{c}}ois, Creuzot-Garcher Catherine, Topouzis Fotis, Delcourt C{\'{e}}cile, Rahi Jugnoo, Meitinger Thomas, Fletcher Astrid, Foster Paul J., Pfeiffer Norbert, Klaver Caroline C W., Hammond Christopher J.. (2015) Prevalence of refractive error in {Europe}: the {Europe}an Eye Epidemiology (E(3)) Consortium. Eur J Epidemiol 30 (4):305-315.