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Vachon Celine M., Scott Christopher G., Fasching Peter A., Hall Per, Tamimi Rulla M., Li Jingmei, Stone Jennifer, Apicella Carmel, Odefrey Fabrice, Gierach Gretchen L., Jud Sebastian M., Heusinger Katharina, Beckmann Matthias W., Pollan Marina, Fern{\'{a}}ndez-Navarro Pablo, Gonzalez-Neira Anna, Benitez Javier, {van Gils} Carla H., Lokate Mari{\"{e}}tte, Onland-Moret N Charlotte, Peeters Petra H M., Brown Judith, Leyland Jean, Varghese Jajini S., Easton Douglas F., Thompson Deborah J., Luben Robert N., Warren Ruth M L., Wareham Nicholas J., Loos Ruth J F., Khaw Kay-Tee, Ursin Giske, Lee Eunjung, Gayther Simon A., Ramus Susan J., Eeles Rosalind A., Leach Martin O., Kwan-Lim Gek, Couch Fergus J., Giles Graham G., Baglietto Laura, Krishnan Kavitha, Southey Melissa C., {Le Marchand} Loic, Kolonel Laurence N., Woolcott Christy, Maskarinec Gertraud, Haiman Christopher A., Walker Kate, Johnson Nichola, McCormack Valeria A., Biong Margarethe, Alnaes Grethe I G., Gram Inger Torhild, Kristensen Vessela N., B{\o}rresen-Dale Anne-Lise, Lindstr{\"{o}}m Sara, Hankinson Susan E., Hunter David J., Andrulis Irene L., Knight Julia A., Boyd Norman F., Figuero Jonine D., Lissowska Jolanta, Wesolowska Ewa, Peplonska Beata, Bukowska Agnieszka, Reszka Edyta, Liu JianJun, Eriksson Louise, Czene Kamila, Audley Tina, Wu Anna H., Pankratz V Shane, Hopper John L., dos-Santos-Silva Isabel. (2012) Common breast cancer susceptibility variants in {LS}P1 and {RAD}51L1 are associated with mammographic density measures that predict breast cancer risk. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 21 (7):1156-1166.