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Therese Truong, Wiebke Sauter, James D McKay, H. Dean Hosgood, Carla Gallagher, Christopher I Amos, Margaret Spitz, Joshua Muscat, Philip Lazarus, Thomas Illig, H. Erich Wichmann, Heike Bickeb{\"{o}}ller, Angela Risch, Hendrik Dienemann, Zuo-Feng Zhang, Behnaz Pezeshki Naeim, Ping Yang, Shanbeh Zienolddiny, Aage Haugen, Lo{\"{i}}c Le Marchand, Yun-Chul Hong, Jin Hee Kim, Eric J Duell, Angeline S Andrew, Chikako Kiyohara, Hongbing Shen, Keitaro Matsuo, Takeshi Suzuki, Adeline Seow, Daniel P K Ng, Qing Lan, David Zaridze, Neonilia Szeszenia-Dabrowska, Jolanta Lissowska, Peter Rudnai, Eleonora Fabianova, Vali Constantinescu, Vladimir Bencko, Lenka Foretova, Vladimir Janout, Neil E Caporaso, Demetrius Albanes, Michael Thun, Maria Teresa Landi, Joanna Trubicka, Marcin Lener, Jan Lubinski, E. P. I. C-lung, Ying Wang, Am{\'{e}}lie Chabrier, Paolo Boffetta, Paul Brennan, Rayjean J Hung. (2010) International Lung Cancer Consortium: coordinated association study of 10 potential lung cancer susceptibility variants. Carcinogenesis 31 (4):625-633.