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Tormo Maria Jos{\'{e}}, Navarro Carmen, Chirlaque Maria-Dolores, Barber Xavier, Argilaga Silvia, Agudo Antonio, Amiano Pilar, Barricarte Aurelio, Beguiristain Jose M., Dorronsoro Miren, Gonzalez Carlos Alberto, Mart'nez Carmen, Quiros Jos{\'{e}} Ramon, Rodr'guez Mauricio. (2003) Physical sports activity during leisure time and dietary intake of foods and nutrients in a large Spanish cohort. Int J Sport Nutr Exerc Metab 13 (1):47-64.

Tormo M. J., Navarro C., Chirlaque M. D., Barber X., E. P. I. C Group of Spain. European Prospective Investigation on Cancer. (2000) Is there a different dietetic pattern depending on self-knowledge of high blood pressure? Eur J Epidemiol 16 (10):963-971.