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Saleheen Danish, Zhao Wei, Young Robin, Nelson Christopher P., Ho WeangKee, Ferguson Jane F., Rasheed Asif, Ou Kristy, Nurnberg Sylvia T., Bauer Robert C., Goel Anuj, Do Ron, Stewart Alexandre F R., Hartiala Jaana, Zhang Weihua, Thorleifsson Gudmar, Strawbridge Rona J., Sinisalo Juha, Kanoni Stavroula, Sedaghat Sanaz, Marouli Eirini, Kristiansson Kati, {Hua Zhao} Jing, Scott Robert, Gauguier Dominique, Shah Svati H., Smith Albert Vernon, {van Zuydam} Natalie, Cox Amanda J., Willenborg Christina, Kessler Thorsten, Zeng Lingyao, Province Michael A., Ganna Andrea, Lind Lars, Pedersen Nancy L., White Charles C., Joensuu Anni, {Edi Kleber} Marcus, Hall Alistair S., M{\"{a}}rz Winfried, Salomaa Veikko, O'Donnell Christopher, Ingelsson Erik, Feitosa Mary F., Erdmann Jeanette, Bowden Donald W., Palmer Colin N A., Gudnason Vilmundur, Faire Ulf De, Zalloua Pierre, Wareham Nicholas, Thompson John R., Kuulasmaa Kari, Dedoussis George, Perola Markus, Dehghan Abbas, Chambers John C., Kooner Jaspal, Allayee Hooman, Deloukas Panos, McPherson Ruth, Stefansson Kari, Schunkert Heribert, Kathiresan Sekar, Farrall Martin, {Marcel Frossard} Philippe, Rader Daniel J., Samani Nilesh J., Reilly Muredach P.. (2017) Loss of Cardioprotective Effects at the ADAMTS7 Locus as a Result of Gene-Smoking Interactions. Circulation 135 (24):2336-2353.

Saleheen Danish, Scott Robert, Javad Sundas, Zhao Wei, Rodrigues Amrith, Picataggi Antonino, Lukmanova Daniya, Mucksavage Megan L., Luben Robert, Billheimer Jeffery, Kastelein John J P., Boekholdt S Matthijs, Khaw Kay-Tee, Wareham Nick, Rader Daniel J.. (2015) Association of {HDL} cholesterol efflux capacity with incident coronary heart disease events: a prospective case-control study. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 3 (7):507-513.