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Paul Dirk S., Albers Cornelis A., Rendon Augusto, Voss Katrin, Stephens Jonathan, HaemGen Consortium, {van der Harst} Pim, Chambers John C., Soranzo Nicole, Ouwehand Willem H., Deloukas Panos. (2013) Maps of open chromatin highlight cell type-restricted patterns of regulatory sequence variation at hematological trait loci. Genome Res 23 (7):1130-1141.

L. Ishihara-Paul, N. W J Wainwright, K-T. Khaw, R. N. Luben, A. A. Welch, N. E. Day, C. Brayne, P. G. Surtees. (2008) Prospective association between emotional health and clinical evidence of Parkinson's disease. Eur J Neurol ():.