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Molina-Montes Esther, S{\'{a}}nchez Mar{\'{i}}a-Jos{\'{e}}, Buckland Genevieve, Bueno-de-Mesquita H B As, Weiderpass Elisabete, Amiano Pilar, Wark Petra A., K{\"{u}}hn Tilman, Katzke Verena, Huerta Jos{\'{e}} Mar{\'{i}}a, Ardanaz Eva, Quir{\'{o}}s Jos{\'{e}} Ram{\'{o}}n, Affret Aur{\'{e}}lie, His Mathilde, Boutron-Ruault Marie-Christine, Peeters Petra H., Ye Weimin, Sund Malin, Boeing Heiner, Iqbal Khalid, Ohlsson Bodil, Sonestedt Emily, Tj{\o}nneland Anne, Petersen Kristina En, Travis Ruth C., Skeie Guri, Agnoli Claudia, Panico Salvatore, Palli Domenico, Tumino Rosario, Sacerdote Carlotta, Freisling Heinz, Huybrechts Inge, Overvad Kim, Trichopoulou Antonia, Bamia Christina, Vasilopoulou Effie, Wareham Nick, Khaw Kay-Tee, Cross Amanda J., Ward Heather A., Riboli Elio, Duell Eric J.. (2017) Mediterranean diet and risk of pancreatic cancer in the {Europe}an Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition cohort. Br J Cancer 116 (6):811-820.

Molina-Montes Esther, S{\'{a}}nchez Mar{\'{i}}a-Jos{\'{e}}, Zamora-Ros Raul, Bueno-de-Mesquita H B As, Wark Petra A., Obon-Santacana Mireia, K{\"{u}}hn Tilman, Katzke Verena, Travis Ruth C., Ye Weimin, Sund Malin, Naccarati Alessio, Mattiello Amalia, Krogh Vittorio, Martorana Caterina, Masala Giovanna, Amiano Pilar, Huerta Jos{\'{e}}-Mar{\'{i}}a, Barricarte Aurelio, Quir{\'{o}}s Jos{\'{e}}-Ram{\'{o}}n, Weiderpass Elisabete, {{\AA}}sli Lene Angell, Skeie Guri, Ericson Ulrika, Sonestedt Emily, Peeters Petra H., Romieu Isabelle, Scalbert Augustin, Overvad Kim, Clemens Matthias, Boeing Heiner, Trichopoulou Antonia, Peppa Eleni, Vidalis Pavlos, Khaw Kay-Tee, Wareham Nick, Olsen Anja, Tj{\o}nneland Anne, Boutroun-Rualt Marie-Christine, Clavel-Chapelon Fran{\c{c}}oise, Cross Amanda J., Lu Yunxia, Riboli Elio, Duell Eric J.. (2016) Flavonoid and lignan intake and pancreatic cancer risk in the {Europe}an Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) cohort. Int J Cancer ():.

Molina-Montes Esther, Wark Petra A., S{\'{a}}nchez Mar{\'{i}}a-Jos{\'{e}}, Norat Teresa, Jakszyn Paula, Luj{\'{a}}n-Barroso Leila, Michaud Dominique S., Crowe Francesca, Allen Naomi, Khaw Kay-Tee, Wareham Nicholas, Trichopoulou Antonia, Adarakis George, Katarachia Helen, Skeie Guri, Henningsen Maria, Broderstad Ann Ragnhild, Berrino Franco, Tumino Rosario, Palli Domenico, Mattiello Amalia, Vineis Paolo, Amiano Pilar, Barricarte Aurelio, Huerta Jos{\'{e}}-Mar{\'{i}}a, Duell Eric J., Quir{\'{o}}s Jos{\'{e}}-Ram{\'{o}}n, Ye Weimin, Sund Malin, Lindkvist Bj{\"{o}}rn, Johansen Dorthe, Overvad Kim, Tj{\o}nneland Anne, Roswall Nina, Li Kuanrong, Grote Verena A., Steffen Annika, Boeing Heiner, Racine Antoine, Boutron-Ruault Marie-Christine, Carbonnel Franck, Peeters Petra H M., Siersema Peter D., Fedirko Veronika, Jenab Mazda, Riboli Elio, Bueno-de-Mesquita Bas. (2012) Dietary intake of iron, heme-iron and magnesium and pancreatic cancer risk in the {Europe}an prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition cohort. Int J Cancer 131 (7):E1134-E1147.