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Meuwese Christiaan L., {van Diepen} Merel, Cappola Anne R., Sarnak Mark J., Shlipak Michael G., Bauer Douglas C., Fried Linda P., Iacoviello Massimo, Vaes Bert, Degryse Jean, Khaw Kay-Tee, Luben Robert N., {{\AA}}svold Bj{\o}rn O., Bj{\o}ro Trine, Vatten Lars J., {de Craen} Anton J M., Trompet Stella, Iervasi Giorgio, Molinaro Sabrina, Ceresini Graziano, Ferrucci Luigi, Dullaart Robin P F., Bakker Stephan J L., Jukema J Wouter, Kearney Patricia M., Stott David J., Peeters Robin P., Franco Oscar H., V{\"{o}}lzke Henry, Walsh John P., Bremner Alexandra, Sgarbi Jos{\'{e}} A., Maciel Rui M B., Imaizumi Misa, Ohishi Waka, Dekker Friedo W., Rodondi Nicolas, Gussekloo Jacobijn, {den Elzen} Wendy P J., Thyroid Studies Collaboration. (2018) Low thyroid function is not associated with an accelerated deterioration in renal function. Nephrol Dial Transplant ():.

Marijn C Meuwese, Erik S G Stroes, Stanley L Hazen, Joram N van Miert, Jan Albert Kuivenhoven, Robert G Schaub, Nicholas J Wareham, Robert Luben, John J P Kastelein, Kay-Tee Khaw, S. Matthijs Boekholdt. (2007) Serum myeloperoxidase levels are associated with the future risk of coronary artery disease in apparently healthy individuals: the EPIC-Norfolk Prospective Population Study. J Am Coll Cardiol 50 (2):159-165.