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Ganesh Santhi K., Chasman Daniel I., Larson Martin G., Guo Xiuqing, Verwoert Germain, Bis Joshua C., Gu Xiangjun, Smith Albert V., Yang Min-Lee, Zhang Yan, Ehret Georg, Rose Lynda M., Hwang Shih-Jen, Papanicolau George J., Sijbrands Eric J., Rice Kenneth, Eiriksdottir Gudny, Pihur Vasyl, Ridker Paul M., Vasan Ramachandran S., Newton-Cheh Christopher, Global Blood Pressure Genetics Consortium, Raffel Leslie J., Amin Najaf, Rotter Jerome I., Liu Kiang, Launer Lenore J., Xu Ming, Caulfield Mark, Morrison Alanna C., Johnson Andrew D., Vaidya Dhananjay, Dehghan Abbas, Li Guo, Bouchard Claude, Harris Tamara B., Zhang He, Boerwinkle Eric, Siscovick David S., Gao Wei, Uitterlinden Andre G., Rivadeneira Fernando, Hofman Albert, Willer Cristen J., Franco Oscar H., Huo Yong, Witteman Jacqueline C M., Munroe Patricia B., Gudnason Vilmundur, Palmas Walter, {van Duijn} Cornelia, Fornage Myriam, Levy Daniel, Psaty Bruce M., Chakravarti Aravinda. (2014) Effects of long-term averaging of quantitative blood pressure traits on the detection of genetic associations. Am J Hum Genet 95 (1):49-65.