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Cramer Daniel W., Fichorova Raina N., Terry Kathryn L., Yamamoto Hidemi, Vitonis Allison F., Ardanaz Eva, Aune Dagfinn, Boeing Heiner, Br{\"{a}}ndstedt Jenny, Boutron-Ruault Marie-Christine, Chirlaque Maria-Dolores, Dorronsoro Miren, Dossus Laure, Duell Eric J., Gram Inger T., Gunter Marc, Hansen Louise, Idahl Annika, Johnson Theron, Khaw Kay-Tee, Krogh Vittorio, Kvaskoff Marina, Mattiello Amalia, Matullo Giuseppe, Merritt Melissa A., Nodin Bj{\"{o}}rn, Orfanos Philippos, Onland-Moret N Charlotte, Palli Domenico, Peppa Eleni, Quir{\'{o}}s J Ram{\'{o}}n, S{\'{a}}nchez-Perez Maria-Jose, Severi Gianluca, Tj{\o}nneland Anne, Travis Ruth C., Trichopoulou Antonia, Tumino Rosario, Weiderpass Elisabete, Fortner Ren{\'{e}}e T., Kaaks Rudolf. (2018) Anti-CA15.3 and Anti-CA125~{A}ntibodies and Ovarian Cancer Risk: Results from the EPIC Cohort. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 27 (7):790-804.