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Carayol Marion, Leitzmann Michael F., Ferrari Pietro, Zamora-Ros Raul, Achaintre David, Stepien Magdalena, Schmidt Julie A., Travis Ruth C., Overvad Kim, Tj{\o}nneland Anne, Hansen Louise, Kaaks Rudolf, K{\"{u}}hn Tilman, Boeing Heiner, Bachlechner Ursula, Trichopoulou Antonia, Bamia Christina, Palli Domenico, Agnoli Claudia, Tumino Rosario, Vineis Paolo, Panico Salvatore, Quir{\'{o}}s J Ram{\'{o}}n, S{\'{a}}nchez-Cantalejo Emilio, Huerta Jos{\'{e}} Mar{\'{i}}a, Ardanaz Eva, Arriola Larraitz, Agudo Antonio, Nilsson Jan, Melander Olle, Bueno-de-Mesquita Bas, Peeters Petra H., Wareham Nick, Khaw Kay-Tee, Jenab Mazda, Key Timothy J., Scalbert Augustin, Rinaldi Sabina. (2017) Blood Metabolic Signatures of Body Mass Index: A Targeted Metabolomics Study in the EPIC Cohort. J Proteome Res 16 (9):3137-3146.