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Caboux Elodie, Lallemand Christophe, Ferro Gilles, H{\'{e}}mon Bertrand, Mendy Maimuna, Biessy Carine, Sims Matt, Wareham Nick, Britten Abigail, Boland Anne, Hutchinson Amy, Siddiq Afshan, Vineis Paolo, Riboli Elio, Romieu Isabelle, Rinaldi Sabina, Gunter Marc J., Peeters Petra H M., {van der Schouw} Yvonne T., Travis Ruth, Bueno-de-Mesquita H Bas, Canzian Federico, S{\'{a}}nchez Maria-Jos{\'{e}}, Skeie Guri, Olsen Karina Standahl, Lund Eiliv, Bilbao Roberto, Sala N{\'{u}}ria, Barricarte Aurelio, Palli Domenico, Navarro Carmen, Panico Salvatore, Redondo Maria Luisa, Polidoro Silvia, Dossus Laure, Boutron-Ruault Marie Christine, Clavel-Chapelon Fran{\c{c}}oise, Trichopoulou Antonia, Trichopoulos Dimitrios, Lagiou Pagona, Boeing Heiner, Fisher Eva, Tumino Rosario, Agnoli Claudia, Hainaut Pierre. (2012) Sources of pre-analytical variations in yield of {DNA} extracted from blood samples: analysis of 50,000 {DNA} samples in EPIC. PLoS One 7 (7):e39821.