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Baglietto Laura, Ponzi Erica, Haycock Philip, Hodge Allison, {Bianca Assumma} Manuela, Jung Chol-Hee, Chung Jessica, Fasanelli Francesca, Guida Florence, Campanella Gianluca, Chadeau-Hyam Marc, Grankvist Kjell, Johansson Mikael, Ala Ugo, Provero Paolo, Wong Ee Ming, Joo Jihoon, English Dallas R., Kazmi Nabila, Lund Eiliv, Faltus Christian, Kaaks Rudolf, Risch Angela, Barrdahl Myrto, Sandanger Torkjel M., Southey Melissa C., Giles Graham G., Johansson Mattias, Vineis Paolo, Polidoro Silvia, Relton Caroline L., Severi Gianluca. (2017) {DNA} methylation changes measured in pre-diagnostic peripheral blood samples are associated with smoking and lung cancer risk. Int J Cancer 140 (1):50-61.

Baglietto L., Torrisi R., Arena G., Tosetti F., Gonzaga A. G., Pasquetti W., Robertson C., Decensi A.. (2000) Ocular effects of fenretinide, a vitamin A analog, in a chemoprevention trial of bladder cancer. Cancer Detect Prev 24 (4):369-375.