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EPIC-Norfolk: Participant Panel: Archive of previous meeting summaries: 2010

October 2010

Feedback was provided to members in response to the Panel review of the EPIC-Norfolk website. All suggestions had been discussed by the EPIC website committee and a summary of the modifications made was provided at this meeting. Postcards have also been designed as a way of promoting the website as suggested by EPAP.

Feedback was also given to the Panel regarding their input and suggestions for the improvement of the EPIC Newsletter. Copies of the next newsletter were sent to Panel members in advance of this meeting and they were asked to bring their comments for discussion. Participants agreed that the newsletter had been greatly improved. This issue of the Newsletter would be used from the end of October 2010.

The EPIC public engagement stand and hands-on activities were demonstrated to the Panel. The next time these activities will be on display will be at the Forum in Norwich on 25 October 2010. These included: ‘The Great Gut Race’ and leader board, EPIC health check video, grip strength competition with stickers, colouring sheets and crayons, how do you maintain your memory sticker board, ‘Myth buster’ posters, tape measures and measurement recording sheets, EPIC freebies to take away- stress fruits and pencils, general EPIC poster, nutrition poster.

The feedback from those present was that the stand offered very good entertainment for all ages, with a serious message regarding health and fitness. It also provides feedback on the EPIC data via handouts of key findings, which would be good for participants and the general public who may visit the stand.

EPIC food diaries were given out to Panel members as they had requested input for future design. NJD explained that the questions themselves are validated and that revisions to the way in which the questions are asked may not be possible, but that any comments on layout would be noted.

July 2010

The EPIC Participant Advisory Panel meeting was held at the Assembly House, Norwich.

Members of the Panel were welcomed and shown the latest Eastern Diabetes Research Network (DRN) Newsletter. The glossy newsletter had an article and photographs covering the scoping meeting of the EPIC Participant Panel meeting (March 2010).

Following feedback from Members it was agreed that the Panel will be known as the EPIC Participant Advisory Panel (EPAP).

HLEQ Questionnaire - Panel members were thanked for responding to this review. Many suggestions were received and the feedback will be used for future planning.

Panel membership was discussed and it was agreed to raise this again at the AGM and to ensure that there was a “bank” of participants who may be interested in becoming Panel members as vacancies arise in the future.

The EPIC Website Committee requested feedback on the layout and content of the EPIC-Norfolk Website. A ‘live’ projected website view was used throughout this session to navigate the various pages of the website. All opinions and suggestions made relating to the website will be discussed at the next EPIC website meeting and decisions fed back to Panel members at a later date.

Opinions were sought on the format, content and frequency of the EPIC Newsletter. A format of two sides of A4 paper was suggested - with size and fonts recommended by the RNIB. The length of each newsletter would vary depending on content.

March 2010 - Panel Scoping Meeting

EPIC-Norfolk Participant Panel open discussion meeting was held at the Assembly Rooms, Norwich.

The meeting was very kindly sponsored by the Diabetes Research Network (DRN). Ten researchers and nine participants from EPIC-Norfolk attended the meeting, with apologies from two further participants.

The aim of this meeting was to discover a way forward in our approach to participant involvement in the EPIC research. The afternoon took the form of an informal discussion group and time was allowed for all attendees to have a say via open discussion sessions.

Prof Kay-Tee Khaw and Prof Nick Wareham, the two EPIC-Norfolk Principal Investigators, gave presentations entitled ‘an EPIC-Norfolk overview’ and ‘Why Public Involvement?’.

Attendees recognised the need for future participant involvement and quarterly meetings were decided upon. Panel name suggestions were put forward and discussion took place on how future meetings should be structured.