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About EPIC-Norfolk

Baseline Information

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Recruitment to the EPIC-Norfolk study began in March 1993 and was completed by the end of 1997. Invitations were sent to all 40-79 year olds on the list of collaborating GPs. The GP surgeries approached were in rural areas and market towns of Norfolk, as well as the city of Norwich.

The information collected when people first joined the study is known as baseline information.

Of the 77,630 people approached, 30,445 returned a consent form indicating that they wished to join the study.

First Health Check

The first health check (1HC) ran between March 1993 and May 1998, with 25,639 participants attending an appointment. The aim of the 1HC was to collect general information on health, diet and anthropometry. The participants also gave blood and urine samples.

Participants completed a health and lifestyle questionnaire (HLQ), which asked about their medical history, lifestyle and other known risk factors, such as smoking and alcohol intake. In addition, people who agreed to enter the study completed a form recalling what they had eaten during the last twenty-four hours (24hDR). During the health check, participants also received a 7-day diet diary (7dDD). Please visit the Previous Health Check page for more information.

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